Roulette Tips

Discover the right roulette tips for playing roulette and winning more than you lose. From a long time casino employee that has watched many people win, lose, and lose their life savings this is not a game for the simple minded. But it is a game for the simply entertained traveler and professional gambler that wants to have a great time and win a round or two at the same time. Whenever you play roulette, always beware of your safety and keep a tight fist on your chips.

Roulette tips one. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Stash your cash in the vault of the casino and do not use it to gamble with. Plan what you are going to spend and win with that amount and at the same time buy all the chips you need. Buy most of the chips in lower amounts. You can use several chips at a time for placing bets.

Tip two. Never bet a table where the house wins more times than it’s customers. This is not a good place and you will lose your money quickly. Choose a game that lets the players win most spins in some way. Do not worry about the house money, it always wins in the end of the day with a lot of lost fortunes. Just do not lose yours.

Tip three. Never bet on colors when you want to place the bet on both colors.

This is a draw situation and you will not win in the end. If you are going to bet colors, stick to one color and change twice about every sixth spin. Use two chips each time you bet colors. No more, no less.
Roulette tips four. If you are going to play the numbers for the big win, play at least four numbers at a time. This will increase your chances. But if you play two numbers with the same chip, you increase your chances of hitting high and making more money.

Tip five. If the table begins to win most of the money on each spin for five rounds, stop gambling at this table. Move to another table or wait for an hour before trying it again. Sometimes it just cools and players will lose more often than not. It can be a matter of the dealer or the computer system for the table, but if you switch to another table your numbers become new again.

Roulette tips six. Watch the other players. If there is one player winning big, place your bets along side. When the player begins to lose change to another player. If you want to take the lead in wins, choose numbers and color for 10 straight bets then switch numbers, but keep your color for another three spins. Black is going to come up more often than red. Bet every tenth bet on a green, which in the U. S. is the zero and double zero. They do not come up often, but when they do they pay off big. This is a way to increase the chances of an early pay off.


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