Roulette System

Roulette is a simple and easy game that you can bet on in casino, be it the traditional or online ones. It is one of the most popular casino games and is the essential game for any casino. It may look like a simple game but winning in roulette can be very difficult. You can make a guess on numbers or letters but in the end you would probably end up losing. To win at roulette you need to have a good strategy in mind and a good understanding of the table. This system might increase your chances of winning but it is not a guaranteed win.

So the questions still remain if there is a perfect roulette system which you can win more than you lose? The quick and easy answer to this is an absolutely no. There is no one roulette system out there that can beat the house every single time. If there were such a system, most of the gamblers out at the table would have heard of it and roulette would not be such a popular game in the casino. Also, it is highly unlikely that if someone found such a perfect system, he would let the golden goose out of the bag so easily.

Like all other casino games, there are many systems out there for roulette.

The Fibonacci, Martingale betting, shower, pivot and Labouchere are all popular roulette systems which gamblers have tried to use but these are all still flawed systems. It may possible increase the odds on your side and you could see some profit in the short term but over the long term, you would still be losing money back to the casino.

The system that makes the most mathematical sense is obviously the Fibonacci system since it is derived from a mathematical formula. The logic behind the system is that if you win once, you get back 3 times the original amount. If you were to lose, you add the previous bets from the two sessions to make up the next betting amount. So let`s say you start with $1 and lose, the next bet would be $2 and if you get clean out again, the next bet will be $3. This goes on until you win a bet and you start the cycle all over again. This system looks like a good one but the problem is you would have to be very cash rich to sustain a prolonged losing streak when it happens. There are times when you just can`t win for 10 or more consecutive games and unless you have the capital to sustain the system, you are likely to be staring down a huge loss. Moreover, all casinos have a table limit so once you hit that you are already out of the system.

That is why this cannot be the perfect system. A good roulette system has to be one that does not involve doubling the bet each time there is a losing hand. Systems like the Fibonacci can clean you out in a matter of minutes. It is not worth to try such a system hoping to bring down the house. Many people have tried it and none have succeeded so far.


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